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CD review: ADAMS – 秋雨 (Akisame)

Akisame is the newest single by ADAM and Shota, together they formed the duo ADAMS. After they released their album called SIXNINE and they finished their European tour, the two released a new single named Akisame (秋雨, autumn rain). After the announcement of the new single the two also announced that that they will ”leave” the J-pop/J-rock scene and want to change their style to pure electronic and digital sounds. An extra good reason to check out the single.


1. Akisame (秋雨)

Akisame itself starts with the same kind of happiness as Yoakemae, which can be found on the album SIXNINE. It made me confused for a moment, because it reminded me of the happy and joyful oshare kei songs of other bands. The song has an overall poppy sound which is richly completed with the sweet voice of ADAM. There is a good tempo in Akisame which makes it a good and danceable song.

NUDE is totally different, the song contains more rock compared to the sweet Akisame and brings a melancholic feeling upon listening to it. Churchbells are heard in the beginning of the song and can be heard several times throughout the whole song. Shota also gets the chance in this song to perform a beautiful guitar solo. This song also contains a good tempo to dance on, but it’s also the perfect song to sing along to.

ADAMS came with a great continuation after SIXNINE, both songs are pleasant to listen to and give the feeling they are the opposite of each other. This is a very good ending of the pop rock era of the duo. After Akisame we may expect more electro. I’m waiting anxiously for the next steps of the two men, but meanwhile I will continue to enjoy this new single.

Akisame will be available for sale at the end of September and will only be available in download format. Keep an eye on the website of ADAMS for more information.

Rating: 85/100

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