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Kubihuri Dolls is nowadays, one of the most interesting bands in the punk scene from Japan. Once you know about them, you will surely become as loyal as their fans who are rapidly spreading throughout Japan. After selling all the copies of their first album, the band returns this year with new sound and a series of singles that are quickly disappearing from all the shops. The vocalist and drummer of the band, nao, talks with us in an exclusive interview with AVO about this ambitious project.

AVO Blog: First of all, please tell me how you met each other.
nao: Kubihuri Dolls is a 3 members band formed with nao on vocals and drums, Jhonny on guitars and vocals and Jhon on bass. Me and Jhon used to be in a band called ‘THEE CALVADOS’ while Jhonny was in ‘THE SPANKS’. We met each other because our previous bands did a concert together.

AVO Blog: Your last single’s jacket was designed by TRASH ART WORKS (@trash_aw). I think your band’s image and design is quite dark, but at the same time, it’s really charming. If you could collaborate with an artist you like, who would you collaborate with? Will you draw again for the band? (Note: nao enjoys drawing and he had previously worked on the designs for the band.)
nao: I like lots of artists. If I could make a personal collaboration with Suehiro Maruo, that would be like a dream to me. Also Victoria Francés. Of course, I will draw (again). In fact, I’m making drawings for the goods of ‘Pinku no mi’ (ピンクの実).

AVO Blog: If you could have a concert in any place you want around the world, in any stage or stadium, where would you like to play, and why?
nao: If there are people who love our music, people interested on it, I would like to play anywhere. If I could play on a stadium, I would like to do the best of the rock’n’roll shows, using a really flashy stage setting like KISS. I really long for a showy performance like that.

AVO Blog: What do you know about The Netherlands and Belgium? If you could go one day to those countries, what would you like to do in there?
nao: If I could go to The Netherlands or Belgium, I would like to do a session with some local bands. Because we can use a form of communication that can actually cross over any language barrier. I’m much more interested in knowing how the young people in there enjoy themselves than in sightseeing.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ1YBOQERAU]

AVO Blog: You’re always very close to your fans. You chat a lot with them on the internet. For example, you use live broadcast (on the internet) and even until some months ago you had your own radio program. I think the fans of Kubihuri Dolls had become a big family. What do they mean to you?
nao: When I became obsessed about doing a rock band, and even before I was aware of it, there were fans supporting us. I’m truly thankful to all of them and they’re really like a big family to me. When I’m playing in the lives, in order to court the women, sometimes I act like a snake that aims at its prey.

AVO Blog: As a punk band, Kubihuri Dolls has a lot of heavy songs. In your last single, ‘Konrinzai’ (金輪罪), you released your first ballad, ‘Kawaita ame’ (渇いた雨). Was that an experiment? As a musician, you did that as a challenge?
nao: That ballad was one of our challenges, it came out -unexpectedly- without any opposition.
It’s really nice that our fans also enjoyed it. I’ve also heard some people saying that ‘Kawaita ame’ (渇いた雨) it’s their favorite song, that they feel the new potential of the band.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCzwmMBSWsQ]

AVO Blog: Please let us know briefly about your new single ‘Pinku no mi’ (ピンクの実)!
nao: Its story is connected to the previous release, ‘Konrinzai’ (金輪罪). I would like you to listen to them together, since we wrote these songs in the same way as the previous ones. And regarding the songs, I would like you to listen to them!

AVO Blog: Thank you so much! Now, to finish off, please send a message to the people from The Netherlands and Belgium.
nao: I hope the number of people who wants to see Kubihuri Dolls grows a lot more. If we wish for it, we’re sure we’ll be able to go there and meet you. I would love Kubihuri Dolls to spread through all The Netherlands and Belgium.

I want to thank nao for his time to have an interview with AVO and my translator for her great help! Please check the preview of the upcoming single ‘Pinku no mi’ (ピンクの実) at Soundcloud. Their 1st single released this year, ‘Konrinzai’ (金輪罪),  can be bought on Tower Records online  and on CDJapan. Don’t forget to check out the official homepage, official Facebook, official Twitter and you can follow nao on Twitter.

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