AVO interview with REMNANT

REMNANT toured in Europe last april, before this tour began I had an interview with Takmi. This interview will be an ‘after-tour’ interview with Takmi and Marie about the European tour, but also the future.

AVO: How do you look back on the European tour? Are you satisfied?
Takmi: It was the first tour for REMNANT that also included foreign countries. It was a tight schedule but thanks to everyone it could end without problems.
Marie: Yes it was fantastic, thank you very much!

AVO: Have you noticed any difference between the European fans that visited your concerts and the Japanese fans?
Takmi: A Japanese fan is quiet from the beginning till the end, in the same way that movie and drama may be seen. Fans are clapping at every venue in foreign countries, and they also cheer. I got an active impression from that. I think that fans should be free to participate in any matter of course.
Marie: They have a lot of differences. For example, European fans have such a positive and energetic attitude towards the music but Japanese fans are quieter and a little bit the opposite.

AVO: What was your first impression of Europe; the countries Netherlands, Austria and Greece?
Takmi: Speaking about the climate and the air, I discovered the air is very good and fresh in Europe. Compared to Europe the air in Asia is quite poluted and not so fresh, especially when it’s Japan. I longed for Europe since I was a child. So I already had some kind of image in my head what European streets would look like.
Marie: Every country has fresher air then Tokyo. I am so jealous!

AVO: Were there things that shocked you (because of cultural differences)?
Takmi: For one thing, It’s not custom to take off your shoes when you enter a house like in Japan. So I was a little bit surprised in not taking off shoes at the front door.
Marie: Nothing special.

AVO: What did you enjoy the most during your stay in Europe?
Takmi: To be able to experience a foreign culture itself was very exiting. I could walk in a foreign place and get a lot of inspiration.
Marie: I enjoyed the cultural exchange with our fans and the scenery of every country.

AVO: Did you get the chance to do some sightseeing in the cities where you went?
Takmi: As far as time permitted I was able to take some excursions at respective cities. Thank you very much!
Marie: We got a few chances to do sightseeing, but I was so exited! Especially when we went to go sightseeing in Athens. We went around the Parthenon.

AVO: What did you think of the European food and drinks? Did you discover a food or drink that is now your favourite?
Takmi: I’ve found some good food and drinks in every country, but maybe it’s not your kind of taste.
Marie: I like European foods a lot and I like drinking. From soft drinks to alchol, I enjoyed them all.

AVO: You both like horror. Which horror movie is your favourite? What horror movie would you advice us to watch.
Takmi: There are many horror movies but I can’t choose one. I’m sorry. But the occult and a splatter are also classified as horror. By all means, you could find me a favourite horror movie, please.
Marie: Recently I got addicted to the drama of ‘American Horror Story’ season two!

AVO: Rober__tj wasn’t with you two during the European tour. Did you miss him? Did you have to do things differently during the shows?
Takmi: That Rober_tj did not participate was really regrettable. He himself regrets it too. We adapted this tour so we could make a great show with only two people. I think the next time we will do a tour with the three of us.
Marie: Yes of course! I miss him so much! Of course it became different, the shows depend on the number of us attending.

AVO: For the next European tour; what countries do you want to visit for your performances?
Takmi: When talking about the next tour, I would like to perform in the countries we already performed this time and to the countries we couldn’t go this time. We consider each country if the respective offers fit in our tour.
Marie: I want to visit England, Germany, France etc. Of course including the countries we visited this time.

AVO: What are your plans for the future? Can we expect a new release soon? Did you get inspiration from your tour?
Takmi: We decided that after the shows REMNANT will focus on making new songs for a new album. The new album will be released around the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.
Marie: Our plan in the near future is to make our new album and release it! Please expect it soon. Of course, I got inspired by every country.

AVO: Do you have a message for our readers in the Netherlands and Belgium?
Takmi: This tour ended without problems thanks to all the support. Really, thank you very much. I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone again!
Marie: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I want to thank Takmi and Marie for their time to answer the questions. Please keep an eye on REMNANT (OHP, Facebook) for the future updates!

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