If you are in for a little bit of craziness, but still good music, then I would recommend FOXPILL CULT. The mini-album ROMANATION came out in March of this year, and was the first CD with the current line up of the band.

FOXPILL CULT currently exists out of Takaaki Nishimura (vocals, guitar), Pueru (melodica,vocals, percussion), Shinpei Mörishige (synth, keyboard, guitar) and Boo(DxUxS) (support drummer, percussion). At the time of the release of ROMANATION Shinpei Mörishige was added as an official band member of FOXPILL CULT. On a few songs you can hear the drumming skills of Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins) still. The mini-album has been released through the band’s own label, which carries the name ROMANATION.


02. レストランド (Restland)
03. 場依存/怪人 (Baizon/Kaizin)
04. デカダンス (Decadance)
05. 眼が釈迦 (Megashaka)
07. 音のない太陽 (Oto no nai Taiyo)

FOXPILL CULT calls themselves a Post New Wave band and that might not be the correct description for this group full of craziness. The band seems to mix all kinds of stuff together in a large pot and keeps on stirring until something beautiful seems to emerge. If you are expecting a normal chorus, you will be blown away because another ryhthm is thrown in. Every song is completely unique, in which the title song KARMIC RECORDER even seems to have Eastern instruments mixed into it, while 場依存/怪人 (Baizon/Kaizin) is a busy mix of music and vocals. The music remains a bit elusive because of this.

After listening to this disc for the first time it was obvious that the music is not obvious at all, but still fascinating enough to continue to listen. ROMANATION is clearly a record that has to grow on you, because the elements thrown into the different songs are unexpected, causing you as the listener to adjust a little bit. If you are familiar with FOXPILL CULT already this record won’t pull your leg immediately, yet the band remains innovative. Especially with the new addition of ex-PLASTICZOOMS Shinpei Mörishige, who takes the keys and guitar. Takaaki Nishimura is very diverse as a singer, he takes it to himself to bring forth the various sides of his vocals on this record. It’s pleasant to listen to, and compliment worthy too.

The booklet included with the CD is as colorful as the music on the disc; the paint brushes and scissors had to be pulled in to give the booklet the same vibe as the presentation of the band. The album is brought to an end in a loving way with the song 音のない太陽 (Oto no nai Taiyo), which is a complete 180 to the way the album started out. It’s only a mini-album, but it showcases what the band can do and how extremely out-of-the-box they think. ROMANATION is extravagant and elusive, making the record interesting time after time. FOXPILL CULT has to keep going with experimenting and mixing different styles together. What the band has produced thus far is very interesting and might make you wonder how this bizarre mix turns out during a live show. If that’s not in the cards for you, the music videos are a great alternative!

Score: 80/100

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