Incubate 2016 perfect location for Boris’ PINK

Boris @ Incubate Festival 2016 | Photography: Francisca Hagen

For most Boris fans the album PINK is a favorite, for the band this meant the breakthrough. Because this album was released 10 years ago it was celebrated with a special tour spanning the entire world. The European part took place in November and December. The Dutch show was a part of the Incubate Festival on 11 December.

It doesn’t really matter to Boris where they perform. The band always draws a large audience, even though it will be easier to gain new fans through a festival like Incubate. But if you’re not familiar with the words from the album PINK it might be a little harder for you to get in to. If Farewell doesn’t do it for you, the title track Pink probably does. The audience was excited from the very first seconds of the show and seemed to enjoy every track, despite the fact it wasn’t a surprise which songs were going to be played. On the other hand that can be pretty fun as well, to know which songs you can expect and if your favourite songs are included or not.

The band already has a big part of the European tour behind them and is accustomed to all the songs, but it doesn’t feel like the members are playing a routine. This band has been active for almost 25 years for a reason, and they’re still very popular worldwide despite their songs not being exclusively in English. The attraction of Boris is that they always know how to be renewing, but don’t change as a band.

It was definitely unique to see the album PINK being played during a festival. The album is still a solid album from beginning to end and Incubate was the perfect place to hear this.

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