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Do you want to live in Japan? It is now easier to stay!

Have you always wanted to move to Japan? Then today is your lucky day! Because the ministry has decided to make it easier to become permanent residents of Japan.

Station Shinjuku: Orange (anime) commercial 2016 – Photography: Francisca Hagen

After only one year of staying in Japan you’ll be able to become a permanent residence, if you’re classifies as a ‘highly-skilled foreign professional’. Previously this took five years. You’ll be classified based on a score, which consists of, among other things, your professional qualifications, education level and income. To be a ‘highly-skilled foreign professional’, from March on, you’ll have to score at least 80 points, previously you’d have to get 70 points or more.

Did you score less than 80 points? Don’t despair! You’ll have to live in Japan for a maximum of 3 years to become a Japanese citizen. This was previously ten years. You’ll be saving 7 years.

On top of this the ministry also wants to take on the immigration scorecard, so in the future people with special skills in the IT branch, graduates from top international universities and rich investors get assigner extra points.

All these alterations will be enforced from March 2017 onward.

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