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tricot will return to Europe this Summer

Alternative rockband tricot will return to Europe for a fourth tour. Back in 2016 the band already had a big tour throughout Europe, unfortunately skipping both Belgium and the Netherlands. The coming tour, however, the Dutch fans are in luck as they will perform in Haarlem!

On Sunday 3rd of September, the Patronaat will be host of the musical trio. Guitarist and vocalist Ikkyu Nakajima, guitarist Motoko ‘Motifour’ Kida and bassist Hiromi ‘Hirohiro’ Sagane will be accompanied by opening act “Noisy Mathrockers Katadreuffe” from Amsterdam. The show will start at 20:00 and tickets are €14.00..

The tour itself is considerably shorter than its predecessor back in 2016 and will mostly take place in the UK. This is most likely because of the record label they’re assigned to: Big Scary Monsters.

Tricot – active since September 1st 2010 – Will release a new album with the title ‘3’. One of the tracks on it is ‘Melon Soda’.

Bron: Big Scary Monsters via Ben New

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