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CD Review: GE+IM – ステロイド (Suteroido)

GE+IM - ステロイド (Steroid)

GE+IM - ステロイド (Steroid)

GE+IM is the new project of Naoki, formally known as the singer of Luzmelt under the name of Yuhma. After Luzmelt there were plans for a new project under the name of JILKA, but unfortunately, this project ended early and Yuhma is now back under the name Naoki and with a medical twist.

At the end of 2015, GE+IM released its first live-only single, quickly followed by some more live-only material. In June of 2017, he releases his first album, of which you can read a review below.

01. Strawberry[Coma]
02. 罪と罰のステロイド (Tsumitobachi no suteroido)
03. 死二躰サドマゾ症候群 (Shi ni karada sadomazo shoukougun)
04. Medi-Go-Round
05. 解剖イデオロギー (Kaibou ideorogi)
06. 暗殺病棟 (Ansatsu byoutou)
07. 結合症オーバードーズ (Ketsugou-shou oubaudouzu)
08. Calling
09. Undermine
10. 致死量パラドックス (Chishi-ryou paradokkusu)
11. XとYの後遺症 (X to Y no kouishou)
12. 「右手にメス」を「左手に絶望」を (「Migite ni mesu」 o 「hidarite ni zetsubou」 o)

The album consists of a few songs that have been released earlier (Calling and Undermine to be exact), but the known songs mix perfectly into this album. Overall this is an album that races through everything at a fast pace, but at the same time, it manages to add enough electronic effects without turning into a whirlwind of chaos. Occasionally the speed goes down a little bit, but it picks up again right after.

The music video for this album is for the song 罪と罰のステロイド (Tsumitobachi no suteroido) and has a surprising result of a normally filmed music video and an anime-version of singer Naoki. The music video was revealed a little bit before the album was released, but this is also a perfect example of what you can expect with this album: powerful, but still electronica and programming without the whirlwind result.

Actually, it’s a fast-paced album with metal influence accompanied by some electronic and programming. If you were known with the music Luzmelt made you have a pretty good idea of what you can expect with this album. Naoki’s deep vocals make a unique atmosphere that leaves a new, yet familiar feeling. Just with a little twist because the theme has been adjusted to fit GE+IM. The only thing that was missing for me was the song ドラスティック-STU- (Dorasutikku-STU-), because there were other previously released songs on this tracklist. The absence of this song has no negative influence on the final score whatsoever.

Rating: 85/100

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