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MV Review: SHE TALKS SILENCE – Sorry, I Am Not

SHE TALKS SILENCE is the solo project of Minami Yamaguchi. For a couple of years the project consisted of two persons: Minami and drummer Ami Kawai, but in 2015 Minami decided to go back to a solo project. Two years later she came with a new release.

Back to the beginning: in 2009 SHE TALKS SILENCE came with a 7″ release single titled Quiet Sun and a year later Minami came with her debut album Noise And Novels. In 2011 the mini album Some Small Gifts came out, this time SHE TALKS SILENCE was a duo, where both of them attached feathers to the 1000 copies. In 2013 the digital CD Holy Hands, Holy Voices came out.

Earlier this month Minami came with another digital release titled Sorry, I Am Not, through the label AWRR/LR2. The release consists of 9 tracks, which 2 new tracks and 7 tracks that were released earlier in different formats.

To promote the release the title track got an own music video, which is simple, but in combination with the music is pleasing.

Sorry, I Am Not is a fast guitar track, which is accompanied with an upbeat drum and works soothingly thanks to the whispering vocals of Minami, who is visible in the video after the first half of the song.

The words Shame, Ego and Fake can be seen in the video on top of the feathers, to give the track some substance and power. But the use of the colourful feathers in combination with the music, which is lo-fi, makes the song feels light. The repeating guitar play in Sorry, I Am Not invited you to listen to the track over and over again. That is maybe not that strange, as the song is just 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, and that is maybe a bit too short to really enjoy the song.

Mellow Noise Music and Bedroom New Wave are the terms for the new release, the track Sorry, I Am Not fits under the latter term.

Rating: 80/100

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