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AnimeCon remains in World Forum in 2018

The biggest anime convention of the Netherlands, AnimeCon, kept their visitors long in suspense when the new edition would take place, but also where. Finally, the answer has been given!

During the end ceremony of the 2017 edition, last June, the organization gave the visitors the hint that the location would’ve been too small for the convention, as they stated “You are too many, you are too much.“This causes for rumours. Will the convention move to a bigger location?

These rumours were not right this time, as the 2018 edition will take place at the World Forum in The Hague, the location of the last few editions of the convention. This edition will be celebrated big, as it will be the 20th anniversary of the convention. The date is fixed on June 15th to 17th, and the theme is pretty royal themed: Queens of the Round Table.

The ticket sale will start on Friday September 1st through YourTicketProvider, this date is also the start date for hotel room books through ITO Tours.

The organization, J-POP Foundation, apologizes for the late announcement, but considering it’s AnimeCon’s 20th anniversary, the organization had the be sure that the location is good enough for the upcoming edition.

Source: AnimeCon

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