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Product Review: Popin Cookin – Donuts

Photographs by MuchMunchies

Recently I purchased a few Japanese Candy kits and I will review all of these for AVO. This is not a sponsored review and because of this I won’t mention where I bought this set, if you do an online search using the name of this kit you’ll be able to find this one in several webshops.

Popin Cookin – Donuts – Standard
Price: ± €7
Extra supplies: Glass, Water, Scissors, Scotch tape, Optional: Cocktail pick.

Most of the Popin Cookin kits have English instructions, which you can find here.

With this kit you create four cute donuts, two vanilla and two chocolate with white, pink and chocolate glaze on it. There’s also some sprinkles in the box to decorate the donuts with. With the packaging you can also create a little tray. This took me about five minutes to make, because it’s quite a bit of precise folding work and work with the scissors. Making the donuts took me about half an hour, decorating took the longest, you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like on this.

This kit is easy to make, but still fun because of the many decorating possibilities.

The final product looks cute, as long as you take the time to do everything neatly. As you can see on the picture they resemble the candy on the box quite well, I did pick a different design for some of my donuts though. The bear donut was tougher to recreate than I expected.

The vanilla dough tasted like vanilla. The chocolate dough didn’t seem to have any chocolate taste to it, even though the powder did smell like it. Both doughs were a bit dry and didn’t have a lot of flavour. The texture was a bit odd, it was springy.

The glazes all tasted a bit sweet, aside from that the pink one tasted like artificial strawberry flavour, white like vanilla and chocolate tasted like cocoa with sugar. That last one I’m entirely sure about, I have made a similar frosting before myself out of powdered sugar, milk and cocoa.

To decorate there are two different kinds of sprinkles, coloured ones that only taste like sugar and crumbs. The crumbs come in vanilla and chocolate flavour and tasted like crunchy cookies.

TIPS: Only cut off a tiny corner of the piping bag if you want to use the chocolate to draw details, for instance to make the bear.

If you try to be frugal, you’ll have enough dough to make a bear or panda or maybe even a fifth donut, like I did. The cocktail pick can help you get the donuts out of the mould and you can also use it to decorate.

Want to enjoy this kit again?

Clean the mould with warm water, after using it, and let it air dry. Don’t use soap when cleaning this mould.

If you want to reuse the mould you could shape some fondant or marzipan in it. The glaze you can make out of powdered sugar and milk, strawberry juice and cacao. Pink you can make out of powdered sugar and strawberry juice, chocolate you can make out of powdered sugar, cocoa and milk and while you can make with milk and powdered sugar. If you’d like to could add some vanilla extract as well. You can put any kind of sprinkles you’d like on them.

As long as the little tray remains clean you can reuse it.

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