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After FOXPILL CULT had to say goodbye to band member Pueru, the band is back, as promised in the previous music video LAST WONDER, with a new release, namely the second single NOU!. To promote this release, the Post New Wave band came with a new music video of the track CULTIZM.

In the meantime, the band has called for help from bassist Mumu Harawata (also active in iolite lips), which can also be seen in the music video. Support member of not, you will get in the music video of FOXPILL CULT.

As expected from FOXPILL CULT, the video is full of almost hidden elements that disappear when you blink with your eyes. The result is that you have the watch the video several times to see what you have been missing. Sometimes the video is so fast paced that you need to stop the video to discover what the band wants to show you. These elements support the artistic side that FOXPILL CULT likes to share, it goes hand-in-hand with bizarre elements that are most likely give you more questions than answers. As an example: who is the musician who pretended to be a pervert that we need to murder?

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of the music video where someone – acted by Shinpei Mörishige – looks into a hole (of a door) out of curiosity, and eventually gets exposed by all kinds of strange practices that may belong to a cult. The elements included in the video are of course strange, but we are used to it of FOXPILL CULT as a band, but maybe not for those who watch (this video) for the first time.

And maybe the viewer of this music video is also very new to the group and will be exposed, for the first time, to all the silliness that FOXPILL CULT has to offer, as a band to be a fan of or just as a cult. But remember; this is an advertisement.

CULTIZM as a song has a very catchy chorus, but in general, at times the song gives a crowded feeling without becoming chaotic, everything seems to fit into the song. In any case, the guitar works wells in this song, especially at the beginning of the track, with the two guitars gives a firmly sound, later introducing a melody. The voice of Takaaki has different sides, as we may know from the other songs of FOXPILL CULT, from melodious with vibrato to a raw voice. The music video makes you better understand the song, while the music travels alongside you with a fast pace. Time to play this advertising video again!

Rating: 80/100

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