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DEFEKTRO Noise Army announces European tour 2017

The noise unit DEFEKTRO announced that they will tour through Europe, starting later this week. The European tour consists of 12 shows and a few workshop days at LUFF in Switzerland, where the unit is building a pedal.

DEFEKTRO, subtitle Noise Army, is formed In 1995 and consists of 3 people. The music they make can be put under the label Junk Metal, noise made by many machines (invented for DEFEKTRO by Hirofumi Uchino). It all started with the units original members Hirofumi Uchino and Ayako Honda in 1995, in 2001 the unit was joined by Laura Oyaizu (of the unit KUNT from Australia). The unit released over 30 recordings from various record labels around the world. Internationally DEFEKTRO has toured the United States in 2000, Australia in 2003, Europe in 2007 and Japan in 2009, and continues to perform domestically.


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