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10 things you shouldn’t miss out on at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017

It is almost time for the Christmas edition of HYPER JAPAN. From November 24 till 26 the location Tobacco Dock in London will be the place for Japan lovers! Here and there you have seen the music announcements of acts who will perform at thic convention. Time to make a list out of it with what you shouldn’t miss out on at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017!


LOVEBITES will perform a few times during HYPER JAPAN and has another concert planned with FEMM. More information here and here.


FEMM comes back to the United Kingdom and gives another party (after the HYPER JAPAN Party earlier this year), this time at the convention. Also will this duo perform with LOVEBITES.

3. BOO

Vocal and dance duo BOO was born out of the SDN48 and DIVA (a dance vocal group from AKB48). Expect fast paced beats and energetic dances. The performances will take place on Friday and Saturday.

BOO consists of Miyuu and Satoko. At the age of 18, Miyuu was awarded the Grand Prix in the Shonan Girl Contest and became the poster girl for her hometown Shonan. She then passed an audition to be a second generation member of the SDN48. Satoko has appeared at Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for 2 years. Upon her return to Japan, she became a member of an AKB48 dance vocal group DIVA where they reached Oricon Singles Ranking, hitting #3.


The girls of MUTANT MONSTER announced another United Kingdom tour a little while ago, with performances during the Christmas edition of HYPER JAPAN 2017. They will perform on all days.


MIOU made her first appearance at the Summer edition of HYPER JAPAN 2016 and decided to come back at the Christmas edition of this year. The singer-songwriter started singing in 2008 and she was one of the opening acts at Japanese Film Festival in 2009 in Florence, Italy. She sang at the prestigious UNESCO world heritage site, Basilica of Santa Croce. It was her first international performance. In 2010, she was invited to perform at ROMICS2010 in Rome, Italy by Japanese Embassy in Italy.

Having achieved the grand-prix award for the “Top Asian Fashion Singer of the Year 2011” in China, and Asia Pacific Inspirational Women Award 2014 in Singapore, MIOU has been performing worldwide on various international stages including Japan Expo2016 in Paris, France. MIOU was also Miss Japan for various international beauty pageants such as Miss Tourism Queen International(Malaysia), Miss Supranational (Poland) etc. MIOU aims to bring JAPAN to the world through her music and fashion.

6. Ai My Maid Maid Café

Ai My Maid has been at HYPER JAPAN before, and will again offer the maid café experience at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017. You can get food and drinks, but also entertainment. For example you can play games with the maids, make cheki with them or request a performance of them.

7. The World of Fairy Tail art exhibition

Step into Hiro Mashima’s internationally-adored manga with “The World of Fairy Tail” Art Exhibition at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017! Organized by Dai Nippon Printing, this booth will include a display of art from the series, various merchandise, a photo spot where you can take photographs with your favourite characters!

8. Sanrio Boutique

ARTBOX presents the Sanrio boutique during HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017. f you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a themed Sanrio shop in Japan, or if you’ve been before and now miss it dearly, you’re in luck if you visit HYPER JAPAN this year.

9. Illuminight – A Festival of ‘Akari’

Time to get the Christmas atmosphere at the festival of light. There are Japanese lighting installations at HYPER JAPAN, lending traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture with unique and original ‘akari’ lights. You can visit it the whole weekend long.

10. Authentic Cultural Space Miyabi

Authentic Cultural Space MIYABI can be found at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017, with a variety of artists and performers! You can expect to meet some mascots, but also see performances.

There is much more to do at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017, for more information you should check the website. There are still tickets. If you go, let us know!

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