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LOKA robbed from equipment in Paris


On Sunday November 19 the band LOKA, currently on a European tour, got robbed in Paris. LOKA would perform on that day in the French city and was in Nantes the day before for a performance in front of 1000 people.


The band got robbed of electronic equipment, personal items and money. This happened while the band members were unloading the van, that was filled with equipment, for the show in Paris. The damage is big for the band, because the money they lost is around € 5000. The band still did perform their show in Paris.

Digital money pot

To support the band in this difficult situation, a digital money pot has been made. Everyone who is interested to support the band can donate any amount of money. The page will be kept open for around 20 days, and the organizer of this page stated that the money will be used for the band and not for profit or commercial purposes.

LOKA is going to finish the European tour and has a few dates to go, including in Liège and Amsterdam. LOKA started the tour last Thursday, November 16, in Brussels.

Source: REALive

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