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Photo Report: Dynamiccon 2018

Dynamiccon 2018 | Fotografie: Vi Young

Dynamiccon 2018 | Fotografie: Vi Young

The 21st of January Dynamiccon came back with the second edition of their event. This year they decided to handle things a little differently. They did put down chairs in front of the main stage, added a pole with several signs pointing out the location of certain rooms, turned the smokers lounge into a wardrobe, and was the maid café Honey Garden been replaced with other food and drink stands.

There were also recurring factors, such as the dealer room in the gym and Asgard Sings! in the basement. The special guests couldn’t be missed either, that is why they had invited Manuel D’Andrea and Lisa Lou to come over. In the end, it was a cosy event, but that’s it. A nice event with a bit of entertainment here and there.

Photography: Vi Young

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