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Product Review: Popin Cookin – Pokotto! Colorful Chocolate Cookie

Photographs by MuchMunchies

This is not a sponsored review and because of this I won’t mention where I bought this set, if you do an online search using the name of this kit you’ll be able to find this one in several webshops.

Popin Cookin – Pokotto! Colorful Chocolate Cookie – Simple
Price: ± €3
Extra supplies: Microwave, Sciccors, Optional: Chopsticks or Tweezers.

Most of the Popin Cookin kits have English instructions, which you can find here.

With this kit create some cute and colourful chocolates with bits of cookie in them. There are several moulds available and it’s a surprise which one you get. The mould I got was for a boat, a penguin, a whale, a pineapple and a coconut tree.

The chocolate doesn’t taste a lot like chocolate, especially the coloured ones just taste sweet. The texture is chewy, which I didn’t expect, more like a starburst than chocolate. Not the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, but to make this idea work it couldn’t be real chocolate since that takes a higher temperature to melt. Although they could’ve just used melted chocolate directly in the mould instead of these little bits that you melt later on.

The cookie bits were crunchy and taste like cookies, which was the best part of these chocolates.

Time needed:
As this is a pretty simple kit with few steps it doesn’t take very long to make these treats. You can spend as much or as little time deciding where to place which chocolate colour.

Difficulty level:
The only thing you need to pay attention to with this kit is that you don’t microwave the mould for too long, so be sure to follow the instructions.

Similarity: ??
As you can see on the pictures below, the final product looks pretty similar. It’s hard to fill in the colours super neatly, but the packaging doesn’t show perfectly coloured chocolates either. The chocolates do end up looking very cute and the colours don’t seem to spread out an awful lot. The chocolates do have a few holes in them unfortunately where the cookies fell between the chocolate.

TIP: You can use chopsticks or tweezers to place the chocolate and cookie bits in the mould for more control.

Want to enjoy this kit again?

Clean the mould with warm water, after using it, and let it air dry. Don’t use soap to clean the mould.

If you want to reuse the mould you could fill it with melted chocolate and cookie bits, then put it in the refrigerator and let it harden. Or you could use it to shape fondant or even some softened kneadable candies.

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