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10 things you shouldn’t miss at Abunai! 2018

Official poster for Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia by Howling Riot

Official poster for Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia by Howling Riot

A new edition of Abunai! is around the corner. With Tales of Kitsunia as a subtitle, the convention will start from 24 August till 26 August at NH Hotel Koningshof in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven. Like every year, AVO Magazine picks out 10 activities that you cannot miss during the upcoming 2018 edition of Abunai!

1. Performance of HITT

HITT is back, as REALive announced it a while ago: the pop-rock musician will perform at Abunai! on Saturday afternoon from 16.00. HITT defines his style as piano rock, calls his fans HITTERS and the slogan is: You No Heart Ni Mega Hitt!! (meaning “I gotta strike upon your heart with MEGA HITT”). The performance will take an hour and after there will be a chance to buy merchandise and meet HITT. All of this will happen at the Main Stage.

2. Cosplay Sound Recording Lecture

A good cosplay act is more than just a beautiful costume: Unless you do a mime act, a good soundtrack is just as important to making your act stand out. Kaj from Animecon knows a thing or two about proper sound recording and -editing and he wants to share this with you all in order to make sure your voice will be heard crystal clear while your sound effects will blow the audience away. The lecture will take place on Sunday from 15.30 at Room 58

3. Wotagei Workshop

In this workshop you will get acquainted with wotagei, a type of dancing and cheering typically performed by fans of Japanese idol singers. It involves jumping, clapping, arm-waving and chanting slogans and gets performed at concerts. The workshop is on Friday afternoon and starts from 16.30 at Room 82, and Saturday evening from 22.00 at Room 83.

4. Itasha Show

Itasha is the Japanese trend of decorating your car with anime decal. The Network of German and European Itasha, N.G.E Itasha, will show off their gorgeous cars at Abunai! 2018. You may just spot your favourite character on one of the cars!

5. Abunai! Beats: The Game Show

Abunai! Beats will let Abunai! guests choose what kind of music will be played every 15 – 20 minutes. Through this web form you can vote on which genre you’d like to hear at Abunai! Beats: The Game Show. Abunai! Beats will be held on Saturday evening from 23.00 at the Main Stage.

6. How to Wear a Yukata

Have you always wondered how to wear a yukata? Do you find it complicated? Are you in need of tips to improve your folding skills? Here is your chance! In this lecture, Hennie will teach you how to wear this magnificent summer kimono. You can also bring your own Yukata to this lecture to fold along. The workshop will take place on Saturday from 10.00 at Room 58, but also from 13.30 at Room 82, and Sunday from 10.30 at Room 58.

7. Deshima Sounds: The Quest- Deshima Sounds

An epic journey encompassing the most awesome pieces of music, making you move even if you don’t want to. Experience songs you’ve never heard before. That’s what Deshima Sounds is: the ultimate Japanese club experience – right here at Abunai! Bring your crew and dance the night away at Deshima Sounds: The Quest.
Deshima Sounds will be held on Friday, from 23.00 at the Main Stage.

8. Kempo Kuntao

Kempo Kuntao is a martial arts known centuries ago in Asia as ‘the forbidden and private sport’. In this workshop, Kempo Kuntao Nederland will demonstrate various armed and unarmed facets of the sport. Kempo Kuntao Nederland reached the top 4 on Holland’s Got Talent in 2017. Learn self-defence techniques and experience the beauty and effectiveness of the sport on Friday evening from 19.00 at Brabantzaal.

9. Japanese RPG quiz

So you think you know Japanese RPG’s? Put that knowledge to the test in this true or false quiz featuring fierce rock-paper-scissors battles. Win prizes by defeating the final boss: AniWay Magazine’s editor-in-chief, formerly known as the JRPG Queen of [N]Gamer, Tamara van Staalduinen at Parkzaal on Saturday from 16.30.

10. Sugar Rush Show

Tofu Cute presents: the Sugar Rush Show! A snack-tasting panel presented by Miss Tofu and her glamorous assistant Rob. It’s filled with Japanese adverts, questionably hilarious British humour and free candy! If free candy isn’t your style, they will also have an after-hours Tofu Cute stall where you can stock up to keep buzzing all night long! The Sugar Rush Show will take place on Friday night from 23.00 at the Brabantzaal.

Tickets for the 2018 edition of Abunai! can be purchased on the website of the convention. Find here the complete schedule of Abunai! 2018.

Source: Abunai!

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