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Esprit D’Air fund new single Amethyst in 3 days

Cover Amethyst © Esprit D'Air

Cover Amethyst © Esprit D'Air

A few days ago, the electronic rock/metal band Esprit D’Air asked their fans to join the crowdfunding for the new upcoming single Amethyst. The band needed £1,500.00 (around € 1660,00) to be brought in by the support of fans before 1 February 2019 at 23:59 (London time). That was not needed, as the band exceeded the 100 per cent mark in 3 days. This means that the single definitely can be released by the band.

In the few days before hitting the 100 per cent mark, the band added an extra optie for those who wanted to support the band, but not had enough money to give £5 (around € 5,50) or more. Those who will give £2, can get a digital download.

At the moment of writing, the band got in £2,010.00 (around €2250,00) from 68 supporters. The campaign will continue to run till the end. The over-funding will be used for our future releases, including the second album that Esprit D’Air are still working on.

Source: Esprit D’Air

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