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Homecomings to tour United Kingdom with Night Flowers

© Homecomings

The indie-pop quartet Homecomings are coming to the United Kingdom to tour together with London based indie/dream-pop band Night Flowers. After touring Japan together, the band invited the Kyoto based group to the United Kingdom. The tour will take place in April, with shows in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff and Hull.

The band Homecomings consists of vocalist and guitarist Ayaka Tatamino, guitarist Yuki Fukutomi, bassist Honami Fukuda and drummer Narumi Ishida. The quartet is active since 2012 and has performed three times at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. Homecomings combines fuzzy, jangly guitars, catchy, bittersweet dream-pop melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies. Their newest record, titled WHALE LIVING, which is the third album for the band, is out since the end of October.

Furthermore, the group announced that they have written a theme song for the movie Just Only Love (愛がなんだ) that will be having their theatrical release in April. On 17 April, Homecomings will release the single Cakes. The song can be heard in the movie trailer.

Source: Night Flowers via Otto Chikan

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