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MV Review: Lucie,Too – EGOIST



Utsunomiya’s girls pop band Lucie,Too released in October the music video for the song EGOIST, totally in 90s style. From the dimensions of the screen to the classic outfits and accessories. The members did think of everything to give you the total vibes that fit with the 1990s, including with the after editing of the video which makes the colours look distorted and older. The description the girls give in English was “Every girl needs a life makeover”, with a winky face.

In the short mellow song, only 2 minutes and 13 seconds long, the trio shows two different outfits of each member. One moment you see the girls clothed in polka-dot dresses with colourful accessories, and at another moment the girls are clothed plain with a shirt and pants. The kissy lips marks on the face of drummer Naho are made by the singer Chisa, this precise moment has been photographed and is used for the cover of the EP exlover. In both looks, the band members do differently. While in plain clothes, the girls are not that outgoing as in the polka-dot clothing.

The song starts with a fast tempo of the instruments, but gets slower when singer and guitarist Chisa starts to sing. The dulcet tones of her voice make the song sweet like honey, while she is singing about making contact with the other person she has an interest in, while the other isn’t aware of it, because it hasn’t been made vocal that there is interest. The frustration of this situation can be heard in the voice during the refrain.

EGOIST is one of the songs that can be found on the live-limited EP exlover of the Japanese band. While Lucie,Too is an indie band with a following of more than 9000 on Twitter and Facebook altogether, the music video of EGOIST has been watched more than 250.000 times, which was a reason to celebrate it on their social media.

Rating: 75/100

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