While fans were waiting for the release of the newest album, ANGELS, that just got its release two and half years after their best-of album, the shoegaze band dropped a music video for the song BAD DREAM. The band already released a couple of sound sources to warm up the fans, including the song that eventually got its own music video. While the song is no surprise anymore for the fans, the video stirs up the hunger towards the newest album.

The mysterious vibes surrounding THE NOVEMBERS strengthens, thanks to the composition of the band members in the darkness. The lighting up is done by the led screen behind the band, that enhance the dark atmosphere of the video, together with the stage lights and lasers. The play with light and darkness is not an uncommon thing for THE NOVEMBERS, in their music and other videos, but the band knows how to renew itself without losing their signature sound.

The start of the song gives the feeling of an 80s new wave song thanks to the synthesizer, but the band knows directly to make the song loud with the beating of the drums and the vibrating of the strings. Directly after that, you will be caught by your throat and surrounded by the music sensation that the band produces. In the meantime, singer Yusuke Kobayashi is playing a light and darkness game while singing wholeheartedly. The focus in the video is on the eyes of Yusuke, a glance that almost pierced through the screen. It makes it intriguing when he repeats the refrain (“You’re awake in someone’s bad dream”) while the focus is on his eyes. While the video is pacing fast towards a nightmare with several camera points which makes it not easy to follow the video and adds fuel to fire that is called a BAD DREAM, Yusuke’s angelic voice comes through and puts you back at the point where you started.

Rating: 90/100

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