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MV Review: PassCode – PROJECTION

If you ever listened to PERFUME but wished they would release a metal album, then there is a chance that PassCode is for you. But don’t be deceived by their use of Vocaloid sections, their style can seemingly spin on an axis at any time, producing a sound that sifts between death metal, heavy synth, idol pop, chiptune, electronics and in the case of their new release PROJECTION – Rap rock.

PassCode released the MV for PROJECTION on 11 April, which is about a high school girl who is either out of desperation, depression or disillusionment, enters herself into a Virtual Virtual Reality world to find solace, projecting herself as “Catherine” to a temporary release, but reaches a shocking conclusion.

It’s possible to suggest that the music video is dealing with disillusion or reality as Virtual technology progresses, giving young people more options for escapism, or with the subject of depression – but this is all speculation.

What really matters is that the music video delivers, it’s visually impressive, excellent production quality, hard-hitting and almost tragic in its concept, meanwhile the girls’ back-lit performance in those silver reflective jackets is mesmerizing to watch.

PROJECTION‘s production quality is clean as the track passes through various stages of sound, ranging from (but not limited to), heavy rock, chiptune, Vocaloid, thrash metal, rap rock/punk pop, deathcore and synth-heavy electronics. It almost shouldn’t work, but it does.

Whether you’re a fan of PassCode or not, they seem to have something for everyone in their tracks, so if this isn’t for you – don’t give up completely, check them out again next time. I must admit, I’ve been re-playing that rap-rock segment over and over since hearing it – too damn catchy.

PassCode’s new album CLARITY is now available for purchase, for example through CD Japan.

Rating: 85/100

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