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MV Review: BiSH – I am me.

With the release of BiSH’s third mini-album CARROTS this month, their new track I am me. is the complete polar opposite of the previous release Finally Dead. It’s easy to see the clear divide between the two EPs, in a way we can now see the fifth album CARROTS & STiCKS finally taking shape, set to be released in two months on the 3rd of July.

Released on 2 May, the music video for I am me. opens with a light-hearted melody, set to a montage of each member going about a seemingly average day-to-day lifestyle.

The first member we see in the opening is Atsuko, who appears to be joining the daily commute dressed as a businesswoman. Aina appears to be a nanny or elementary school teacher as she plays with children in a park. Ayuni is a musician or performer, in what appears to be a nice cameo by PEDRO. Ling Ling appears to be a fashion designer or a possible dry cleaning service. Momoko appears to be a hairdresser and Chihiro seems involved in filmmaking or photography – before we see them all together on the rooftop, making the audience aware that these characters are friends.

It’s clear to see that the intention of the video is to portray these characters as living very different lives, with the underlying factor that they are closely tied. It is possible to believe that they are happy, but as the music video continues and they each turn to look towards the sky, it is clear that there is something missing – this is emphasized when the video presents us with the ‘3 Years Ago’ section. (Which means that both of their previous MV took us back to an earlier time – ie. Finally Dead) 

Three years ago, the members of BiSH worked in fashion designing, working alongside (and with a cameo by) Makoto Tanaka to create a new piece of clothing, that will become their group uniform – as demonstrated by a nice group photograph towards the end of the song – as the audience realizes that each member was looking back fondly on a memory that has now passed by.

The music video ends with each member smiling, looking back on those days – and the final shot of their design being modelled (presumably by Makoto Tanaka) on a billboard. I am me. provides a nice, heart-warming music video, with the song itself providing an easy-listening experience, it’s musical style seems similar to groups like Chatmonchy and SHISHAMO and gives a sharp contrast to the songs that appeared on STiCKS.

Overall, the music video boasts great visuals, continues to emphasize their friendship and dynamics, and provides a heart-warming story, with slight hints of melancholia – perhaps in some cases, even making the audience look back on their own youthful days. Have you and your buddies ever designed your own ‘almost-identical’ costumes, and danced on a Tokyo rooftop? – Let us know, we won’t judge you *.

CARROTS & STiCKS are now available for purchase. Their fifth studio album CARROTS and STiCKS will be available for purchase on 3 July, 2019.

Rating: 70/100

* We might judge you a little.

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