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Product Review: Heart – Extreme Fishing

Photographs by MuchMunchies

This is not a sponsored review and because of this I won’t mention where I bought this set, if you do an online search using the name of this kit you’ll be able to find this one in several webshops.

Heart – Extreme Fishing – Simple
Price: ± €2 for one of them
Extra supplies: Water, Scissors, Spoon, Refrigerator, Microwave*, Heatproof Bowl or Cup, Cocktail Pick, Plate
* Instead of melting the gelatine in the microwave you could heat it au bain-marie, with a heatproof glass bowl on top of a pan with a small layer of boiling water. Stir gently until all of the gelatine has melted.

With these kits you create a total of eight gummies with hooks in them, so you can ‘fish’. Each version includes a mould for four sea creatures. Each kit also includes a fishing rod, a knife, ‘fish bones’, a sachet with gummy mix and a sachet with powder to sprinkle onto the gummies.

The candies smell very sweet and strongly of artificial green apple. They do taste sweet but not as sweet as you’d expect from the smell. The texture is very gooey and soft, jelly like but way less firm. The artificial green apple flavour is present, but is not very strong either. The powder you can sprinkle over it is very sour, but I usually like sour candy so I didn’t mind. It balances out the sweet of the jelly well and has an artificial green apple flavour to it as well.

Time needed: 
Most of the time you’ll spend on these kits is waiting time, for them to set. Making them, fishing, cutting them up and sprinkling them with powder barely takes any time at all.

Difficulty level: 
These kits are very easy to make, as long as you keep to the right amount of water and melt the gelatine well there isn’t anything that could go wrong.

Similarity: ???
As you can see on the pictures below, the final product looks very similar to the packaging. The gummies are a bit more see-through but they do practically look the same.

Want to enjoy these kits again?

Clean the mould with warm water, after using it, and let it air dry. Don’t use soap to clean the mould.

If you want to reuse the mould you could make your own gummies or use a jelly package and add a lot less water than the instructions say. Use food colouring to create any colour sea creatures you’d like.

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