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Esprit D’Air to re-record new album after theft

Band photo for Amethyst promotion © Esprit D'Air

Band photo for Amethyst promotion © Esprit D'Air

A big blow for electronic rock/metal band Esprit D’Air, after the band had been busy with recording their upcoming album, the computer filled with the contents of their second album and more got stolen. This means that the rock band have to delay production by rerecording everything from scratch.

The band shared a message written by vocalist Kai about the reason why Esprit D’Air has been inactive on social media. “I cannot begin to express how sad and angry I am, but we can only move forward and start again.”

The master files of the single Amethyst and the finished recordings of the songs that were meant for their upcoming album were on the laptop that got stolen. When this event happened is not made public. The band had made little backups and so lost with the theft a lot of important files. Esprit D’Air will rerecord the songs for the album, that will be titled Oceans. In the meantime, the band will not be that active on social media, to fully focus on the remake of Oceans from scratch. While Esprit D’Air will work hard on the rerecordings, the band hopes that the fans will wait patiently for the announcement of their new album Oceans.

Earlier this year, the band managed to crowdfund enough money in three days for a physical and digital release of their single Amethyst and this support got so big that they even could fund their album.

Esprit D’Air follow a strong DIY ethos and produces everything themselves to be as self-sufficient as possible. The band got a lot of support since they reformed in 2016 and have been busy ever since, with several releases and tours. Esprit D’Air was one of the bands that performed at AVO J-Music Festival in 2018. Next month, on 19 July, Esprit D’Air will perform on the Red Stripe mainstage at Amplified Festival, where Jinjer, Mushroomhead and Ugly Kid Joe are the headliners.

Source: Esprit D’Air

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