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Following the music video for DiSTANCE, which appeared to have very little feeling or heart behind its concept, BiSH have now released their new video for MORE THAN LiKE, which features a great amount of heart and feeling.

In a dimly lit bar, we see Chittiii holding her phone and singing to the camera from across the room, as though inviting the audience to come closer, before a title montage is shown from different mobile phones, splitting the screen into six separate segments, one for each member.

We next see each member in different situations, seemingly going about their day-to-day lives, but with a strong sense of individuality – at no point do any of the members appear lonely or depressed, which suggests that it’s promoting individuality and the differences between the members, rather than touching on the subject of loneliness.

Lingling in a karaoke room, Chittiii in a bar, Momo on her laptop in a cafe, Aina leaning on a car, Atsuko in a restaurant and Ayuni D in a record shop, before a microphone is playfully, enjoyably and interactively thrown from one member to another within their individual screens.

This interaction between them all continues, before Aina jumps from her screen into Atsukos, then again into Ayunis, before jumping back into her own. They all then take a close-up photo of Chittiii from their individual screens, before showing the audience the exact same pose.

They then start to jump between each other’s screens until they all converge into the centre, consisting of Aina’s screen with the car, on a rooftop (because idols and rooftops are popular) to perform a short dance choreography, before the music video ends.

The song is catchy, upbeat and enjoyable, with full member involvement and clearly intended for the summer, it’s a positive sound and will fit in just fine when added to your BiSH playlist.

Overall, it’s a great track with a heartfelt music video, which promotes each member individuality, but proves that whatever their differences, when they come together, they produce BiSH.

Also, Japan, we get it, idols on rooftops.

Rating: 85/100

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