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qujaku announce short European tour 2019

qujaku Photo by Hajime Kato

qujaku © Photo by Hajime Kato

With the announcement of the EP In Neutral, rock band qujaku will tour Europe this Summer to celebrate this fact. The tour will be a short one with a couple of shows in July and August. In Neutral will be released on a 10-inch through So I Buried Records on 26 July 2019. There will be a limited quantity of 200 pieces available.

Rock band qujaku originated in 2013, when the band was named the piqnic, and came with their debut album Zyouk in 2015. After the release, the band toured in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary. KEIREN was the next release, as qujaku, followed by the EP titled H and had their biggest European tour in 2017. In the same year, qujaku released the EP, titled S. In 2018, gujaku released the album QUJAKU, that got followed up by another European tour. qujaku consists of singer and guitarist Shuya Onuki, guitarist Soushi Mizno, bassist Hiromi Oishi and drummer Ryo Habuto.

The music of qujaku is described as violent but delicate melody and heavy but stable rhythm that will remind you of Japanese underground legends such as Keiji Haino and Les Rallizes Denudes, the insane dark deep heavy roaring sound containing gothic elements at the same time leads you to the utopia, the deep psychedelia opening the third eye.

Source: qujaku

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