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Fall Anime 2019: 10 titles to look forward to!

It’s getting a little colder outside, everybody’s getting a cold and it’s raining, it’s pouring. The perfect time to stay inside and watch some brand new anime series, here’s our list of ten fall anime we think you should watch.

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Radiant 2nd Season (ラディアン 第2期)

Type: Anime
Studio: Lerche
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

Starts airing: 2nd of October 2019
Number of episodes: 21

Seth continues his quest to destroy Radiant, the nest of the Nemesis. His journey with his fellow companions continues, whilst the Inquisition closes in on their hunt for Seth himself.

Recommended by AlexD:
I won’t deny, season 1 wasn’t the greatest. However, it was completely saved by the Rumble Town arc at the end. Hopefully the lessons have been learnt and the second season follows on in this tone as the plot is interesting and has unique elements to other anime.

Black Fox (BLACKFOX)

Type: Movie
Studio: Studio 3Hz
Genres: Action

Starts airing: 5th of October 2019

Rikka, the eldest daughter in a ninja-clan, lives in a futuristic city with a normal everyday life. One day, her home is attacked over her father’s research. Rikka vows revenge, to be the black that cuts through the darkness.

Recommended by AlexD:
Where the story line seems a like cliché, the action scenes in the trailer are what got me interested. Generally, it has really smooth, fast paced, capturing the ninja style. Also having ninjas in a modern setting is always cool in my books. It’s shaping up to be an action-packed ride that I can’t wait to go on!

Kabukichou Sherlock (歌舞伎町シャーロック)

Type: Anime
Studio: Production I.G
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Drama

Starts airing: 12th of October 2019
Number of episodes: Unknown

In April 2019 we will have the opportunity to get to know the new anime series, Kabukichou Sherlock. A mysterious, comedic drama is brought to us by Production I.G. as an anime-only series this time. As you might have thought the anime takes place in a part of Tokyo Shinjuku named Kabukichou, the entertainment district in Tokyo. The name Sherlock will probably ring a bell, of course, this is a detective type anime series with the much-needed mystery around the happenings in the Neon rich Kabukichou.

Recommended by Anvica:
I recommend this anime because the detective genre in this setting really spoke to me. The animation looks great and I was drawn to it. It’s still not clear where the story will go because this is an anime-only story so there is no manga or light novel to tell us more about the development. This makes it very interesting too.

Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season (僕のヒーローアカデミア 4thシーズン)

Type: Anime
Studio: Bones
Genres: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Super Powers

Starts airing: 12th of October 2019
Number of episodes: Unknown

Midoriya Izuku (Deku) is a boy who was born without a quirk (powers), until one fateful day he inherits a power from his idolised hero All Might. The story follows Deku’s journey to be the number one hero as villains seek to disrupt the period of peace All Might created.

Recommended by AlexD:
My Hero Academia has become one of the top anime over the last few years and it is for good reason. This season particularly sees the stakes raised higher than ever before after the events of the last season.

Human Lost: Ningen Shikkaku (HUMAN LOST 人間失格)

Type: Film
Genres: Sci-Fi
Based on the novel No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai.

Starts airing: 22nd of October 2019

It is the year 2036, there is a revolution in medical treatment defeated death by means of internal nanomachines and the “Shell System”, yet only the richest can afford to partake. Yozo Oba is not the richest, troubled by strange dreams, he joins a biker gang of his friend on an invasion to “The Inside”, where society’s elite lives. The 3D film is directed by Fuminori Kizaki, the chief director of PSYCHO-PASS, director of Afro Samurai, and the studio that was behind Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.

Recommended by Fran:
A bit of a back story that might be of interest: No Longer Human, the novel of Osamu Dazai was published in 1948, but has been adapted as a film in 2009, a newer version of the film got released on 13 September, starring Shun Oguri as the writer Osamu Dazai. Another adaptation of the story was told in the first four episodes of the anime series Aoi Bungaku in 2009, the anime series Bungou Stray Dogs has various elements of No Longer Human. There have been manga adaptations as well, such as a three-volume manga by Usamara Furuya in 2009, Yasunori Ninose made another manga version of the novel in 2010. A third version was published by Gakken in 2010. Junji Ito published another adaptation of the novel as a manga in 2017.

After reading all of this and including the plot that has been presented, while being in the cyberpunk atmosphere, it is something that no one should miss this film.

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth (スタンドマイヒーローズ PIECE OF TRUTH)

Type: Anime
Studio: M.S.C.
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Josei
Based on the eponymous game by Colynic.

Starts airing: October 2019
Number of episodes: Unknown

The story centers around a female main character, who just started working at the Narcotics Control Department of the Ministry of Health, also known as Matori. Narcotics don’t have affect her.

Recommended by Yuki:
Since this story is based on an otome game, which means the male characters were all romantic options for the main character, I wonder how they’ll work this into the story. Often multiple timelines are created, or they all flirt with her but nothing really happens. There isn’t a lot to go on when it comes to the storyline yet, but I think it could be interesting and in general I like the romance genre, so I’m curious.

XL Joushi (XL上司.)

Type: Anime
Studio: Magic Bus
Romance, Ecchi, Josei

Starts airing: October 2019
Number of episodes: Unknown

Saki, an office lady who is running short of money, got introduced by a friend to become a product tester of the XL-size condoms. After a night of drinking her “Demon” boss Keisuke Sudou brings her home and finds out about the products. Once Saki had explained her circumstances, Keisuke reveals to her that he is a XL-size. Even though they fight like cats and dogs, a romance starts to develop between the two.

Aangeraden door Hageshi:
Do you know that feeling, the one you cannot explain, but which just happens? It simply happened to me after reading the synopsis. It just made me think “yes, this will be fun to watch”. I am very sure it will be fun to see how something awkward, turns into a romance. This is definitely some different kind of anime to watch!

Pet (ペット)

Type: Anime
Studio: Geno Studio
Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Seinen
Based on the eponymous manga by Ranjõ Miyake.

Starts airing: October 2019
Number of episodes: Unknown

There are people who can get into others their minds and control their memories. This power is used to eliminate mysteries and cases or worse, to assassinate. It is possible to destroy people’s mind with this power, however, it can backfire and eat up their own heart. To counter it, chains are used to lock and protect each other’s weak and dangerous hears. From one’s growing fear and contempt, they are consequently called as a “Pet”.

Aangeraden door Hageshi:
Even though I am going completely blind into this anime, because I couldn’t find much about the manga either, I am very excited. Geno Studio is a well-known studio and the director is none other than Oomori Takahiro (Durara, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Jigoku Shoujo). And the story-line, what can I say. Special powers which can cost others, but yourself as well, their lives, the fear which people have for the “Pets”, I am pretty certain that with thanks to all of this, the anime certainly won’t disappoint.

Fragtime (フラグタイム)

Type: Movie
Studio: tear-studio
Genres: Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Romance, School, Shoujo Ai
Based on the eponymous manga by Sato.

Starts airing: 22nd of November 2019

If you could stop time, how would you use this gift? Misuzu Moritani uses her extraordinary ability to stop time for three minutes every day to observe those around her. One day she decides to ‘observe’ the panties of the class president, Haruka Murakami. She finds herself in a very compromising situation when it turns out Haruka is immune to her time-stopping abilities.

Recommended by Yuki:
Although comedy is not listed as one of the genres, I think this could be a pretty funny movie. The way Misuzu finds out Haruka is immune already sounds very weird and funny. I’m hoping this’ll be a fun, light-hearted movie.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather (囀る鳥は羽ばたかない The clouds gather)

Type: Movie
Genres: Drama, Shounen Ai
Based on the manga Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai of Kou Yoneda.

Starts airing: December 2019

The story is about Yashiro, a young yakuza leader and his bodyguard, Chikara Doumeki. Even though Yashiro has decided never to lay his hands on his own men, there is something in Chikara that attracts him. Throw in some masochism and the fact that Yashiro is different from other yakuza.

Recommended by Fran:
For those who are familiar with Kou Yoneda’s manga, they can be happy with the fact that there will be a film. Whether we will see it at all through the legal channels, is unknown. GRIZZLY is a new studio (started at the end of 2017) that has also made the two OVA’s of YarichinBitch-bu and is the world’s first studio that specializes in Boys’ Love anime. This sounds interesting in itself. Curious what else this studio will produce!



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