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HIGHFeeL to organise second edition of FeeL Hi in Japan

Tour organisation HIGHFeeL has been mostly active in Europe for several tours, shows and the release of music of Japanese musicians. In 2017, the organisation organised its first event in Japan with the name FeeL Hi. The event was successful and this makes a second edition inevitable. Earlier this week the second volume of FeeL Hi was announced by HIGHFeeL.  Planned for 25 November 2019, the second edition will take place at #chord in Tokyo. The band line-up consists of familiar names who are all related to the agency.

From SATSUKI, who toured Europe last Summer, to G.L.A.M.S who will be back in Europe in 2020, the names are a good mix of musicians who toured with the subdivision REALive in the recent past or even worked together less recently. For example, Ryo Fujimura’s new band Re’s still haven’t visited Europe yet, but Ryo Fujimura could tour Europe a couple of times through Râmen Events, before it got merged into HIGHFeeL in 2013. Special guest of the evening is Adapter。 who will be a DJ during the evening.

If you are interested to join this event in Tokyo, it is possible to get a ticket online. Tickets are € 26,50 in the pre-sale and € 30,00 at the door. Always keep in mind that you have to pay for a drink ticket when you enter the venue and that re-entry is not possible.

Source: HIGHFeeL

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