MUCC are coming back to Europe in 2020


After 5 years, Visual Kei Rock band MUCC will return to Europe for a tour in 2020. The European tour just got announced by the band and the tour organiser Nine Lives Entertainment.

The tour will take place in April and consists of 8 nights and carries the title: 2020 LOCK ON SNIPE TOUR #11 -STYLE OF EUROPE BROKEN PIANO AND IMPRISONMENT OF LIVINGDEAD 8 DAYS-. The band will perform in Russia, Poland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

There will be regular and VIP upgrades for the shows. On 2 December 15.00, there will be more information released by Nine Lives Entertainment.

MUCC formed in 1997 and is also known by the nickname 69, since the numbers six and nine can be pronounced ‘mu’ and ‘ku’, in Japanese. They are seen as members of the Japanese Visual Kei movement of the 2000s and incorporate nu-metal, industrial, technical thrash, and even disco in their songs. Ao Sakurai from cali≠gari took an interest in the band in the beginning years and MUCC got a deal with the label of Ao, Misshitsu Neurose. In 2003, MUCC signed to Universal and released their first major-label debut album. They have been performing outside Japan, a couple of times. They have performed at Wacken Open Air in 2005, that was their debut in Europe. They also went to North and South America, toured Europe in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2015. This is just a short description of a band that has been active for more than 20 years. You can enjoy MUCC’s music on Spotify.

Currently consisting of vocalist Tatsuro, guitarist Miya, bassist YUKKE, drummer SATOchi and Toru on keyboards, the band released many singles, albums, EPs and even compilation and self-cover albums. Earlier this year, MUCC released their 14th album, titled 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド (Kowareta piano to Living Dead, The Broken Piano and the Living Dead) under Maverick.

Source: Nine Lives Entertainment

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