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Guitar Wolf’s intense and loud performance in a packed Musicon

Guitar Wolf at Musicon | Photography: Francisca Hagen

Guitar Wolf at Musicon | Photography: Francisca Hagen

On an Autumnal Tuesday night in November it was time for an evening of Rock & Roll in Musicon where the key words dirty, loud and fast fit the bands that were planned for the stage: the band G.O.D from The Hague and the Japanese band Guitar Wolf.

G.O.D kicked off the evening, while the room was already warmed up by the number of people in a cosy venue eagerly awaiting the start of Guitar Wolf’s show. While the singer indicated a number of times that the audience was rather ‘tame’, the audience seemed to enjoy the garage rock that the threesome produced. With an ode to their probably great inspiration Motörhead, G.O.D ends with Ace of Spades and the guys seemed to have proved that this band was a great support act for Guitar Wolf.

The venue filled up more and more when Guitar Wolf were about to start, at that moment Musicon was already quite warmed up. The band members installed themselves and bass player Gotz and the one and only ‘Guitar Wolf’ Seiji grabbed a bottle of beer to empty it in a gulp. Immediately after that, they started with their rock hard Rock & Roll, and the fact that we could witness Rock & Roll was made clear several times, thanks to the two main characters.

The bass player, Gotz, who has been part of Guitar Wolf since April 2018, tried to bring the front rows of the audience closer together by waving his arms and shouting a bit. These people didn’t know what to expect and that became clear when Gotz surprised the audience with a jump in the audience while he had put the microphone in his mouth and he was surfing over the hands while the rest of the band was still playing. Seiji did it again, later on, the audience played well and carried him literally and figuratively on their hands. Before this was going on, there was some public participation, someone was pulled up on the stage, got a guitar hung around his neck and could play the guitars with the encouragement of the audience. An experience for the person who unexpectantly got on stage, but the audience was cheering him up and shouting for more.

The new album was not forgotten at the gig, including the track LOVE&JETT, but also the golden old Jett Generation that evoked a lot of reaction from the audience who were already going crazy on the hard music of Guitar Wolf. It caused for a great atmosphere where the space got filled up with a lot of energy.

After an encore, in which the men clearly showed that they were already pretty exhausted by the intense show, Seiji came back for a serenade with the song I Love You, OK, a cover of Eikichi Yazawa, for the remaining spectators who thought the show was actually finished and wanted to grab a beer for the afterglow. They gathered around the musician to enjoy a third and final encore of Guitar Wolf.

Photography: Francisca Hagen

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