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David will return to Paris to celebrate 3rd anniversary

David © Resonance

David © Resonance

After a successful crowdfunding, Visual Kei musician SUI will return to Paris with his project David, to perform for a second time. The first time he performed in Paris, he was a surprise support act for KAMIJO in 2017. It was not that strange that this happened, as this solo project of SUI was at that time entirely produced by KAMIJO himself. Currently, he releases his music through the label Resonance.

The show in Paris, titled Reason for existence -Europe-, will take place on Saturday 11 April 2020 at a venue that still needs to be announced. The show is organised by 33 Degrees. For the show, SUI will bring guitarist Erina (ex-DIO -Distraught Overlord), bassist Яyu (Ashmaze.) and drummer Syu (G.L.A.M.S) with him. The performance in Paris is announced as part of a European tour, it is unknown if there will be more dates added to the visit of David in Europe.

The pre-order period started from 5th of January until the end of the month. If you pre-order a ticket for this show, you will receive a limited song digitally as a thank you. Tickets for the show are € 15,00 for regular tickets and if you want to have a meet and greet with the musician, you need to pay an extra ticket of € 25,00. To reserve the tickets, you need to send an email to, give your name and the number of tickets you want to buy.

The project David has been almost active for 3 years and SUI has been actively releasing singles, a mini-album and an album. At the end of July, it was decided for the solo project of SUI to a temporary pause. SUI decided to do a crowdfunding campaign to collect enough money for his return to Paris. After reaching and even exceeding this goal, the show of David in Paris has been announced to celebrate the third anniversary of David.

In addition to David, SUI is also active with another band with a vampire theme, called CULA. But SUI might be for most Visual Kei fans best known for his work as a singer in 凛 (Lin) and Megaromania.

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