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MV Review: YeYe – 暮らし (Kurashi)

Singer-songwriter YeYe has finally made herself heard again through a new music video. In November 2017 she released her fourth album Mottainai and after that, it seemed to be quiet around new releases from the musician’s hand, until she sang the song ANIWAY with TENDRE for collaboration with the motorcycle project HondaGO in the Summer of 2019. From then on it started brewing.

YeYe has never been idle in making music, she is working a lot on making music for commercials and performing live shows. But fans have continued to look forward to new material from her hand. With the release of this music video, 暮らし (Kurashi), it was also immediately announced that a fifth album will be released. The exact date is 18 March, 2020. YeYe has decided to give her album the title 30. A perfect start of the new year.

The atmosphere that Yeye’s music immediately creates is dreamy and soothing, amplified by YeYe’s almost whispering singing voice, perfect for when you’ve just started the day with a cup of coffee or just finishing the day with tea.

The video of her latest song features two protagonists, two young actors, a woman played by Yuri Yamada (Watashi no kanashimi, Michiteiku and Harmonica-Taiyo) and a man played by Ayumu Nakajima (Good Stripes, Dynamite Graffiti and Just Only Love). The woman misses the bus while the man prepares himself for the start of the day. While the woman is walking in the Autumn sun, surrounded by trees with yellowed leaves, she seems a bit lost in life, not knowing what to do. It is recognisable to many. The male in this video seems to be waiting for something, but it remains unclear what he’s waiting for. Although the video suggests that he is waiting for the woman. The result is different than you’d expect, but that’s the way life can be sometimes.

Rating: 80/100

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