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MV Review: EMPiRE – Have it my way

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to clowns or suffer from Coulrophobia, then it is not advised to watch this video.

EMPiRE have been carving out an identity since their debut and are now one of WACK’s most beloved groups with an astonishing fanbase and dedicated followers, all excited for new material and always hopeful that the next release will be as catchy and memorable as the last – so their 2019 Halloween release ‘Have it my way‘ was as memorable as it could possibly be.

Littered with different iterations of It’s antagonist Pennywise and additional clowns, Have it my way is a colourful, stylish, neon-soaked music video with a snooker hall and race track as their central backdrop. The initial focus is placed on the gorgeous style, of the video, the visuals, the outfits and bright colours that fit perfectly with the EDM/Dance style track.

EMPiRE is YU-Ki, MAHO, MAYU, MiKiNA, MiDORiKO and NOW, and this video ultimately centres around an individual member, paired with two or more clowns for each shot, interspersed with a full-view of all members and clowns showcasing their unique dance performance as lightning thrashes down in the background. The camera work is impressive, seamlessly moving from one position to the next, capturing each member’s qualities and segment, before a quick transition to the next.

The song itself is fresh, exciting and contagious, listen to it enough times and you’ll find yourself humming along long after the track has finished – the only moment that seems to stand-out as not really fitting in with the rest of the song is MiDORiKO’s scream.

Have it my way truly highlights EMPiRE’s well-deserved confidence. The unique style and clear enjoyment is infectious and it’s easy to see how far this group have come, when given the time and effort needed to carve their own path in a highly competitive industry.

I was going to feature a clown pun here, but didn’t think it would be a nice jester.

Rating: 90/100

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