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Hellfest to postpone 15th-anniversary edition to 2021

There will be no Hellfest this year, a sad message the organisation shared earlier today in an extensive statement on their website. The French authorities made a decision, due to the current and difficult situation surrounding COVID-19, to make it impossible to let the festival continue. This year would have been the 15th-anniversary edition for the French metal festival, but instead, it will now be moved to 2021. New dates for the festival are announced as well: 18, 19 and 20 June 2021.

Several Japanese bands were confirmed for Hellfest 2020. It was even presented as The Rising Sun Raises Hell by the organisation to raise high expectations. These bands were not the least with names as Maximum The Hormone that would return to Europe after many years, but also BABYMETAL, CRYSTAL LAKE, envy and MONO. Some of the bands even connected a European tour to it with many other Summer festivals on the planning, such as the bands BABYMETAL and CRYSTAL LAKE. At this moment it is unsure what will happen with these European tours. The same goes for the other European festivals that share the same bands in the line-up.

If you are in possession of a 3-Days Ticket or 1-Day Ticket for the 2020 edition of Hellfest, the festival offers you to keep the ticket for the 2021 edition without any additional costs. If you are not able to join the 2021 edition, it is possible to get your money back. You will be informed by the organisation by email.

The French festival, one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe, also shed a little light about the current difficult situation they are facing now that they are financially losing a year. Including the fact that the organisation is having a disagreement with their insurance company, where they are currently not able to get compensation for the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the festival. This story will most likely get a follow-up.

Hellfest started an online fundraising to help and support Nantes University Hospital and donating €20,000, under the name Hellfest For Health. They are hoping that others will donate in order to support medical research and our healthcare workers.

All changes of Japan-related events and events where Japanese musicians are planned to perform are compiled in a list that you can find here. This list will be regularly updated.

Source: Hellfest

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