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MELT-BANANA’s plans for 2020 seem to be cancelled



In a message on their official website and social media pages, the rock band MELT-BANANA announced that they have to cancel the upcoming US tour due to the current situation around COVID-19. The tour was supposed to start today in Sacramento. In addition to this cancellation, the band shared “that also other plans will seem to be cancelled.”

More information was shared in a video where they try to share the bad news with a bit of humour. In this video, MELT-BANANA shares that they had more tours and shows planned in 2020, including a European tour in the Summer, will be all cancelled. “We are not even sure when our next show will be.”

MELT-BANANA were touring the United Kingdom last Autumn, and the last European tour was even longer ago. The band hopes that they can play shows and tours in the future. The band added: “We are looking forward to seeing you again.”

Active since 1992, MELT-BANANA consists of vocalist YAKO and guitarist AGATA. In 2015, they released a compilation album of their singles, two years after releasing their 7th album Fetch. Their latest release is a split 7 inch EP with British extreme metal band Napalm Death in 2017. The band describe themselves as a rock band with a spice of punk. If you want to know more about the band, on their official website they made a FAQ with interesting questions answered, such as best soup.

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