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Connichi to organise online edition of the convention

While the organisation behind the German convention Connichi had initally announced that they would skip the year 2020 and concentrate on a physical event in 2021, it is now known that something will happen in 2020 surrounding Connichi. The organisation has announced that they will organise an online edition of Connichi in the weekend of 4 to 6 September.

The organisation shared the following message via social media: “We’re not coming to Kassel this year, but to your house! Look forward to three packed interactive days at Connichi Online”. In the coming days, Connichi will share the programme with the public. You can already ask questions about the programme on social media.

As we move forward through the rest of the year, we see more and more conventions set up to organise something small or still go online with their events. It remains to be seen what the larger conventions in Europe will decide, given that each country has different measures and laws. As many events have already decided not to continue with the organisation or the ponstponement of their festivities, the year feels rather empty.

Source: Connichi

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