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MV Review: EMPiRE – This is EMPiRE SOUNDS

On July 11, EMPiRE released their new video for the song This is EMPiRE SOUNDS that can be found on the upcoming SUPER COOL EP release.

EMPiRE have always been quite creative with their music video ideas, but this video is both somewhat of a departure from previous styles, as it removes almost all traces of dance from the video, only appearing to show any routine at the end. It is also quite enjoyable, even though not much actually happens.

The music video itself, focuses on three key scenes – MAHO, MiKiNA & MAYU on their small boat, with the additional captain. YU-Ki, MiDORiKO & NOW with guns in a limousine. The third scenes are individual shots, mixed in for added effect. One of the interesting features in this video, is the use of slow-motion which works great with the track.

The video is oversaturated in style, it’s clear that there is some old VHS vibe, with the song title/chorus being added with throwback ’80’s style design. The use of props – most significantly, the foam, champagne and guns, make for an enjoyable viewing, even if their purpose is never explained.

The track is catchy, with an upbeat rhythm and a catchy chorus, the member’s vocals are just as clear as always, even though MiDORiKO seems to struggle just prior to the second chorus, though it’s likely that this croak was intentional.

Overall, the music video is interesting, but contains no real content – it’s visually pleasing, but as stated before, nothing really happens. The song is enjoyable, but It’s going to be interesting to see how it fares amongst the other tracks on their upcoming EP.

It’s nice that MAHO finds time to share a warm drink with the Captain – things like that don’t happen that often.

Rating: 65/100

SUPER COOL EP will be released on August 5th, 2020. 

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