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CD Review: U.D.A. – Here Comes The Chaos Again

Private Scandal is an old school fanzine, based in the United Kingdom, that focuses on Chiba’s thriving punk scene. Xeroxed and presented in glorious black and white, Private Scandal is a veritable treasure trove of information. They occasionally release the odd CD-R and as a special treat they’ve served up the second EP from Chiba punks U.D.A. (which stands for Used Damaged Asshole in case you’re wondering). Here Comes The Chaos Again certainly lives up to its title and delivers its five songs in six blistering minutes…so hang onto your hats!

The Chiba prefecture in Japan has a long lineage in producing incendiary punk bands (well documented by the Private Scandal fanzine) and U.D.A. can now add their name to that illustrious list. Verging into hardcore territory Here Comes The Chaos Again doesn’t hang around and not a second is wasted… It’s a busy world out there, you’ve got to hit people and run. Crazy About U.D.A. is the live wire opener that’s introduced by Ono’s circular drum pattern before bursting into life like a nail bomb that sends shards in every direction. Uda’s vocals are suitably barked and the whole thing races along at an insane amount of beats per minutes but guitarist Tsuchiya still finds time to add a little wah wah pedal to punctuate the maelstrom.

As you’d expect from a song titled Made By Fuck it’s the musical equivalent of a middle finger raised to the world and seems certain to burn itself out on its own frenetic energy. The 30-second Smash is as equally veracious before I Don’t Need arrives with the force of a tsunami. Deeply Deeply begins with a slightly funky guitar motif, just to lure you into a false sense of security, before the band attack as one to bludgeon the listener with their humongous sound.

The great thing about U.D.A. is that they don’t sound like anyone else and they also avoid easy categorisation which, today, is no mean feat. Just file it under ‘stellar’.

Here Comes The Chaos Again Tracklisting:

1. Crazy About U.D.A.
2. Made By Fuck
3. Smash
4. I Don’t Need
5. Deeply Deeply

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