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Product Review: Hayakawa – Rilakkuma Mugi-Choco Strawberry

Photographs by MuchMunchies

Rilakkuma is one of the most known characters by the Japanese company San-X and quite popular in and outside Japan. Since the introduction of the fictional bear, of which the meaning of the name is a portmanteau of relax and bear (kuma), Rilakkuma has been featured on stationery and merchandise such as candy. In the past, there have been more reviews of candy with the depiction or branding of Rilakkuma on it. Now, let’s take a look Hayakawa’s Rilakkuma Mugi-Choco Strawberry candy.

Hayakawa – Rilakkuma Mugi-Choco Strawberry
Price: ±€3,-

These tiny little balls have a crunchy, wheat, inside and a chocolate outer layer. The milk chocolate ones tasted slightly bitter, almost like they had some caffeine in them. The strawberry chocolate variaty didn’t have a strong strawberry flavour to it, more of a hint.

When it comes to flavour the intended flavours were clearly present. These little snacks are an easy in between snack, they’re a light snack.

The packaging is adorable, with a different Rilakkuma print on each bag. So Rilakkuma fans, who enjoy the flavours described above, should definitely try these out!

Want to make your own Rilakkuma candy? Then take a look at this recipe to make your own Rilakkuma chocolate.

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