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Product Review: Kracie – Dodotto Tsubupyon

Photographs by MuchMunchies

This is not a sponsored review and because of this the store where the set was purchased won’t be mentioned, if you do an online search using the name of this kit you should be able to find it in several webshops.

Kracie – Dodotto Tsubupyon – Simple
 ± €3
Extra supplies: Water

Looking for a fun, and maybe a bit weird, experiment? An adorable octopus-shaped dispenser and cola flavoured gummy balls, that’s what this candy kit is about. It includes two cups, three powders, a spoon and the octopus-shaped dispenser. This is a simple kit, so if you’re new to candy kits this would be an easy one to start with.

This candy kit revolves around cola flavours. The jelly balls have a cola flavour to them, they sort of burst apart when you bite into them. The yellow foam is fizzy and seemed carbonated. It tasted like cola as well.

Time needed:
It won’t take much time to make these candies, there are very few steps to this candy kit.

Difficulty level:
This kit is not very difficult, it is simple and there isn’t much that can go wrong.

As the pictures below show, the final product looks very similar to the packaging. There’s barely any noticeable difference at all.

Want to enjoy this kit again?

Clean the mould with warm water, after using it, and let it air dry.

To recreate this candy kit you could do an online search for recipes of ‘artificial ikura’ or ‘artificial salmon eggs’.

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