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7 New Music Videos You Need To Check Out (Week 16, 2021)

Still from AATA's muziekvideo of the track アイデンティティ (Identity)

Still from AATA's muziekvideo of the track アイデンティティ (Identity)

With a large music industry such as Japan has, second largest in the world, it is inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a profusion of good (and also less good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it per video. But to avoid missing out on gems, it is time for a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching. We are now looking back on a couple of videos that were released in week 16 of the year 2021. Enjoy the new discoveries!

Cadode – 三行半

Active since 2018, music unit Cadode identifies itself as a Haikyo-Pop-Unit, haikyo means abandoned building, consisting of vocalist Koshi, music producer Eba and general manager Ryo Tanihara. Cadode also has a meaning, departure, it was chosen as a desire to be a gateway to new music and self-discovery. — Recommended by Francisca

青色壱号 (Aoiro-Ichigo) – LAST DANCE

Aoiro-Ichigo is the name of the electro-rock solo project by ex-Zettai Club bass player Ichinose. The project started soon after the disbandment of the popular power metal band. Coming May, she will release the first album for her solo project, titled Some Blue. On this album, many guest musicians will be featured, such as ex-Aldious vocalist RAMI and ex-ANIMETAL bassist MASAKI. — Recommended by Francisca

Emma – Who are you

Emma are a four-piece rock band from Tokyo that got formed in 2020. The band consists of young musicians at the end of their teenage years and focuses on the fragile singing voice and a catchy melody that will stick in your head as an earworm. They only have produced a couple of tracks, but they sound already promising. — Recommended by Francisca


From Fukushima City comes the five-piece pop/rock band OUT OF FASHION. The band started out as a band for the school festival where vocalist and guitarist Takumi Kijima got joined by his older brother Shougo (bass). With keyboardist Ryou Harada, guitarist Riku Shikama and drummer Tetsuya Yoshida, it is now the current band line-up. The band’s music is based on a bright, pop sound with satirical and ironic songs. — Recommended by Francisca

ハロータウンズ (Hello Towns) – CHAINSAW GIRL

Hello Towns are a power-pop/alternative band from Kyoto. Consisting of three members, the band has been active since the end of 2019. Their first performance took place in January 2020. They just released their first music video to promote their upcoming first EP that will be released on the first of May. — Recommended by Francisca

AATA – アイデンティティ (Identity)

AATA is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who is very recognisable for her singing voice. She has entered and won various music competitions, which has resulted in her being the supporting act for AI and TENDRE, compose music and be the voice of a Bandai advertisement, as well as being selected for a reading of Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine’s A Couple of Cuckoos (カッコウの許嫁). — Recommended by Francisca

Hello Hello – THINK

Hello Hello are a three-piece rock band from Nara. Formed in 2018, the band has released one EP and two singles. THINK is the title of their second single that got released earlier in April. The music video fits the season perfectly with the cherry blossoms, while the band is performing a fast-paced melody. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week we will be back for a new list of new music videos to check out. But you can also look back to the earlier editions of this weekly article series for when you yearn for more musical gems!

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