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7 New Music Videos You Need To Check Out (Week 25, 2021)

Still from U's music video "Thank Uuuuu for …."

Still from U's music video "Thank Uuuuu for …."

With a large music industry such as Japan has, the second largest in the world, it is inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a profusion of good (and also less good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it per video. But to avoid missing out on gems, it is time for a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching. We are now looking back on a couple of videos that were released in week 25 of the year 2021. Enjoy the new discoveries!

もにゅそで (Monyusode) – shine

The music unit Monyusode got formed in December 2020 and consists of Monyu and Minami Murasadeko. Currently they are working on releasing songs for 7 consecutive weeks, shine is the third song. The two are main personalities of programmes on Shibuya Cross FM and Shizuoka Asahi TV, while also being the president and director of the label Lush Music. — Recommended by Francisca

二月革命 (Nigatsu Kakumei) – 浮気性 (Uwaki-sei)

Nigatsu Kakumei are a girls band consisting of two members and a support member. The band itself is still in the beginning stages as it seems that they started activities in 2020 while the band members are also busy in the middle of their studies. After sharing a live video on their YouTube channel and sharing some sound sources, it was time for the band to put out an official music video. — Recommended by Francisca

Black Chambray – 滑走路 (Kassoro)

Black Chambray will release their first album, titled 礼儀 (Reigi), on the 21st of July. The Hokkaido-based rock band has been a bit inactive last year, which is not surprising given the circumstances. So the return with the announcement of a full album is a nice surprise from the three-piece. — Recommended by Francisca

Laura day romance – 東京の夜 (Tokyo Night)

Laura day romance are a four-piece band with a female and male vocalist. They formed in 2017 and released their first EP in 2018, which sold so well that they got invited to perform at SUMMER SONIC 2018. In 2020, the guitar pop band released their first album, titled farewell your town. — Recommended by Francisca

OFELIA – 沈む (Shizumu)

Formerly active under the name Rainy Clown, the Tokyo-based rock band OFELIA re-introduced themselves with this music video. The band started under the former name in the summer of 2017 and consists of four members. The name change was done just a few days back, so it is all fresh. The band fuses rock and EDM with other influences here and there. — Recommended by Francisca

U – Thank Uuuuu for ….

Drummer and vocalist U recently released her first self-produced solo album, titled HEARTRHYTHMO. For this album, she worked with composers Shinobu Watanabe (ASPARAGUS) and Yohdai Nakagome (ex-gomes). U made her debut in 2005 with the band メカネロ (Mechanero), since then she participated in many live performances and recordings of musicians as Koresawa, Ayaka Wada, Makoto Kawamoto and more. Her motto is ‘Drumming like dancing’. — Recommended by Francisca

amanojac – スーサイドガール (Suicide Girl)

Nagoya-based three-piece rock band amanojac got formed in the winter of 2019. The young band had kicked off the new year by releasing their second single and the linked music video is to promote this release. The rock band focuses on twin vocals and a powerful (guitar) sound with life-sized lyrics. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week we will be back for a new list of new music videos to check out. But you can also look back to the earlier editions of this weekly article series for when you yearn for more musical gems!

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