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CinemAsia Film Festival launched crowdfunding to stay afloat

After cancelling the 2021 edition of CinemAsia Film Festival due to COVID-19 and losing a 4-year structural subsidy, a major funding, the organisation had to sound the alarm bell. A crowdfunding project through the Dutch website has been started to prevent CinemAsia from having to cease its activities.

The film festival has been introducing Asian films in The Netherlands for the past 18 years. Their mission is to help Asian voices and stories be heard and represented in the media and cultural sector in the Netherlands and Europe through our annual film festival, educational and training programs such as FilmLAB. They have been screening more than 1000 Asian films since the start and produces 40 Asian diasporic short films in their FilmLAB programme, but also trained young filmmakers, programmers and cultural workers and they are the first Asian LGBTQI film and cultural festival in Europe.

A video with an explanation has been shared where the founder of CinemAsia Film Festival, Doris Yeung, makes an appeal for donations.

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