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Tricot try to break everyone’s curse with “Inai”

After their most recent single release BAKURO in May, alternative rock band Tricot (spelled in lower-case) have returned with another new track called Inai which has been released for the anime Haru no Noroi (The Curse of Spring). In this music video, guitarists Motifour and Hirohiro together with drummer Yuusuke Yoshida have mixed unusual and distinct sounds with harmonic pop melodies. Combined with Ikkyu’s emotional complex vocals, complimenting their math-rock style which they are known for.

Compared to BAKURO, Inai feels very different. Where the riffs in BAKURO seem to be very calm, Inai is more active and crazy. On the other hand, there is Itazura, a horror-themed music video which has been released in October 2020, and it seems to have the same style as Inai, both mysterious and music-wise.

tricot © Avex Entertainment Inc.

At the beginning of the music video, you can see the four members standing in a mysterious open space around a dark hole. The video seems to be using a lot of the space and the craziness of the song make it overall complex. The bottomless void is a clear symbol of… something. What it stands for is for the viewer to find out. While listening to the song and seeing the music video, it truly feels as if you are cursed and together with Tricot you are emotionally trying to break it.

Tricot got established back in 2010 and they are still going strong with sold-out concerts and will appear during Fuji Rock Festival ‘21. The rock band had been touring Europe four times so far, the last time they were in Europe was in 2017. Let’s hope we can see them perform in Europe soon again. In October 2020 Tricot celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing the new studio album 10. With a devoted fan base all around the world, we can surely expect a lot more of them in the future.

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