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Esprit D’Air launched crowdfunding for second album “Oceans”

Kai © Esprit D'Air | Photography by Alex Kie

Kai © Esprit D'Air | Photography by Alex Kie

Recently the Japanese metal and electronicore band Esprit D’Air started a crowdfunding project for the release of their long-awaited second album, titled Oceans. At the moment, more than 50 people have joined the project and almost 20% is funded.

On the website, bandleader Kai of the solo project shared: “It has been a while since our debut album, Constellations, but as you may know, we have been releasing new music every six weeks this year, showcasing songs such as Leviathan, Tsunami, Nebulae, and Glaciers, which will be a part of the exciting new Oceans album. The new album combines melody and aggression, sadness and hope, anthems and ethereal soundscapes. We always challenge ourselves to produce something new and exciting with every song and every release to make it unique to Esprit D’Air.”

There is a deadline for this crowdfunding project, it will succeed whenever the goal gets reached before the first of November of this year.

It hasn’t been the first time that Esprit D’Air asked help from their fans to fund their releases. In 2019, the DIY band was able to fund the single Amethyst in 3 days and also got enough support to launch the single Leviathan and the music video for it. Other recent singles are released due to the support of the Patreons of the band.

The most recent release by Esprit D’Air was titled, 津波 (Tsunami), and also received a music video featuring special guests Yusuke Okamoto on guitar, Takeshi Tokunaga on bass, and Jan-Vincent Velazco on drums.

You can support the band starting from £8 to £200 (around € 232,-). Perks go from digital downloads to even receive a ticket for the upcoming live show in London, and your name being credited in the album booklet. One of the perks that stand out is the one where Kai will sing a song for you. Specific information about the perks and the amount of money connected to them, can be found on the website of Esprit D’Air.

Right now, you can let bandleader Kai know where you would like to see Esprit D’Air live in 2022. This gives the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist a better idea of where fans are and where they want to travel to see the band live.

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