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10 things you shouldn’t miss at Brussels’ Made in Asia 2021

Heroes presents Made in Asia

Heroes presents Made in Asia

After the pandemic made a 2020 edition impossible, it is now finally time for another edition of Made in Asia in Brussels! The event will take place from 8 until 10 October at Brussels Expo. Despite all of the hurdles, when it comes to travelling and other COVID-19 related restrictions, they’ve once again put together quite a diverse programme.

Curious what Made in Asia 2021 in Brussels has got in store for you? Be sure to check out this list of 10 things you shouldn’t miss at this year’s edition!

1. Ekotumi

Ekotumi is a Japanese singer, author and performer of Japanese mythology and folkore, brought over to Belgium for the second time by HIGHFeeL. She is also known for her beautiful hologram performance premiered during the pandemic. Ekotumi will perform both on stage as in hologram form during Made in Asia 2021. You can find her hologram performance, titled SUKUNABIKONA -Japanese little god- (コロナ歌舞ホログラムリトルゴット 少名毘古那-), in Little Asia. If you’re curious about Ekotumi, AVO Magazine interviewed her in 2019, you can find our interview here.

Another artist promoted by HIGHFeeL that will be performing during MIA is AMAZUMI, a female musician from Nepal. She is a hip-hop singer who will be performing together with other musicians, among who X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus drummer yu-ta.

2. Workshop: Japanese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a true artform and not an easy one to master. This workshop will teach you, on a beginners level, about Japanese Calligraphy. If you’re intrigued by this specific form of ‘writing’, make sure to take part in this workshop.

3. Cosplay Contests

No anime-related convention is complete without it: Cosplay. Or more specifically  a cosplay contest. Made in Asia 2021 has two such contests, a group contest and a contest for individuals. You can’t register as a contestant anymore, but you can come have a look and see which cosplayer wins. If you want to participate be sure to join the Cosplay Catwalk, for which you can register during the event itself. This is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for everyone to show off their cosplays.

4. Dragon Ball Exposition

In this exposition by Ludus Académie you’ll find an impressive amount of items from the whole Dragon Ball Saga. It consists of board games, collector’s goodies, videogames, statues and more. You can also visit Ludus Académie’s stand to watch the anime, or visit the arcade terminals to play the videogames.

5. Robot Battles

Have you always wanted to challenge your friends to a robot battle? Now’s your chance! Battlestation, a Belgian company that specializes in robotics, will provide a space for robot fighting and mini-games. Be sure to visit them and try your hand at being a robot handler.

6. Lego Exposition

The Belgian LEGO® User Group, or Belug for short, is providing brand new LEGO creations with an Asian theme for this year’s edition. The group consists of LEGO enthusiasts, builders and collectors, and they partake in many events with their amazing LEGO builds. Curious? Come have a look at their realistic and geeky creations.

7. Onda Naoyuki

Onda Naoyuki is a Japanese animation artist, known around the world for his work. He is known for working on, among others, Resident Evil, Gundam and Rage of Bahamut. One of his recent projects was Psycho-Pass, but the three Berserk films “The Golden Age” are probably responsible for his rise to fame. You will be able to meet him and get a free autograph at Made in Asia this year.

8. Workshop: Manga Drawing

If you’ve always wanted to draw manga characters, or if you have but want to work on your skills, this is the workshop for you. There are several parts to this workshop, as there are specific subjects that will be focussed on at a particular time, such as characters from Pokémon, My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. This workshop will take place once on each of the days of Made in Asia 2021.

9. The Ghibli Universe

Wonder into the marvellous world of Ghibli, by visiting the Ghibli Universe exposition, viewing amazing decors or buying Ghibli goodies. Among other characters, you can look forward to a life-like Turnip-Head, from Howl’s Moving Castle and dragon Haku, from Spirited Away. Studio Ghibli was founded by Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki and has become a big name in anime, known worldwide for their beautiful and critically acclaimed films.

10. Workshop: Origami

Folding a piece of paper isn’t hard, but folding it into an elaborate shape can be. During this workshop you will learn all about the art of Origami, getting step by step instructions to create your own folded paper art.

Aside from all of these fun activities, expositions and performances, there are so many more things to do at Made in Asia this year. At the time of publishing the programme wasn’t complete yet, so keep an eye on the website of Made in Asia. Tickets can be bought either online in advance or at the door during the event. A ticket for Made in Asia 2021 will grant you access to the YouPlay! event, an expo about gaming and video, as well.

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