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7 New Music Videos You Need To Check Out (Week 39, 2021)

Still from BACHICO's music video for the track "雨念う (Ame Nenu)"

Still from BACHICO's music video for the track "雨念う (Ame Nenu)"

With a large music industry such as Japan has, the second largest in the world, it is inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a profusion of good (and also less good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it per video. But to avoid missing out on gems, it is time for a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching.

We are now looking back on a couple of videos that were released in week 39 of the year 2021. Enjoy the new discoveries!


The four-member rock band BüG-TRIPPER was founded at the beginning of this year by singer Kota Ibuka (ex-band harassment). The band consists of four members, all of whom have not been in a band for a while, but decided to join Ibuka to pursue their dream of playing in a band again. They have released two singles so far. — Recommended by Francisca

THE TOMBOYS – タイムマシンなんて (Time Machine Nante)

After adding a new drummer to the line-up, the happy rock and roll band THE TOMBOYS presented a new music video for the song Time Machine Nante, where the four band members are longing for the past and have a curiosity for the future. The video is in a format perfect for smartphone users. Also good to know, THE TOMBOYS have been active for 10 years this year. — Recommended by Francisca

Puri – Slick

“Welcome to anarchy world”. Pop-rock band Puri is based on the rock scene of the ’80s and ’90s with a variety of musical styles in tune with the contemporary indie scene and lyrics that depict the social issues of today’s society. The five-piece is brand-new as they presented themselves at the end of August of this year. Their first release was a single, titled (In)depend. — Recommended by Francisca

tomodati – B A D D R E A M S

The Tokyo-based alternative electro band tomodati released B A D D R E A M S in August which was well-received for its unique approach to bass music and hyper pop. Now it has a fitting visual experience for those who missed out on it with the theme of expressing anger, the sad reality and inner conflict with intense soundscapes. Originally created as a solo project in 2015, it soon became the three-piece as it now is. — Recommended by Francisca

東京電子倶楽部 (Tokyo Denshi Club) – I like

Tokyo Denshi Club is described as a new generation of (’80s) techno-pop. This music video for I like is the first official presentation of the four-piece after it got formed. The first hints of a new group were dropped on the Twitter account in mid-September. The backgrounds of some of the members are quite interesting, from a metal vocalist and wrestling trainee, to a singer-songwriter to an upcoming voice actor. — Recommended by Francisca

Kamisado – Bremen

Rock band Kamisado got formed in December 2019, consisting of three members and a support member on drums. The band’s music is strongly influenced by 90s-00s rock revival, lo-fi, power pop, as well as Western and Japanese alternative rock. Bremen was the first release in 9 months for the band and is a bit different from the previous works of the band. — Recommended by Francisca

BACHICO – 雨念う (Ame Nenu)

It has been more than a year ago that the Osaka-based rock band released a new music video, although they haven’t been sitting still as they have been focusing on live performances. The band got formed in 2013 and consists of 4 members. The band states that catchy and nostalgic music is their biggest weapon in where passionate singing and fragile guitar melodies can be heard. To date, they have released two EP’s, a mini-album and two singles. Soon they will release their second mini-album. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week we will be back for a new list of new music videos to check out. But you can also look back to the earlier editions of this weekly article series for when you yearn for more musical gems! Want to read more about how this project started or check out the YouTube playlists? Click here for all the information.

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