What is AVO Magazine?


Online Magazine?

AVO Magazine is more than just a normal online magazine about Japanese music and culture. In addition to informing the reader about the reader about the various Japan-related events, AVO supports various Japan-related events in Europe, but also does the organization thereof. In the past, AVO has been able to organize various concerts and festivals (AVO J-Rock festival in 2013 and AVO J-Music Festival in 2018) in which various Japanese (indie) musicians were allowed to enter the stage to introduce themselves.

In the past AVO has worked together with artists as HITT, Lucie,Too, Ryo Fujimura, Loverin Tamburin, BACK-ON, REMNANT, Haruka, X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus, GanglioN, ZWEI, Satsuki, ADAMS, Chii Sakurabi, LOKA, KAMIJO, heidi., Kaya, Calmando Qual, OROCHI, Esprit D’Air and more. These collaborations resulted in live reports, interviews, but also several concerts organised under the name AVO Events & Promotion.

Internationally active

AVO Magazine is based in The Netherlands, but internationally active. AVO has good contacts with conventions in the Netherlands and outside, cosplayers, and other creative people. These connections give AVO the opportunity to share a lot of news, interesting interviews, reviews and reports for the readers of AVO Magazine. Promoting lesser-known artists has always been important for AVO as well as artists who got their breakthrough, to expand the world of the readers of AVO Magazine more and more.

In order to maintain the presence of the name AVO in the music world, it is necessary to grow and look for serious candidates who want to work for us and proudly publish articles on AVO Magazine. Writing for AVO Magazine gives you experience in how to write creatively, how to look for information and promotion. You will be welcomed in a team of enthusiastic writers and photographers who inspire each other!

Did you know that it all started out with AVO Forum on May 16 2003? In 2013 AVO Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary with a music festival in Utrecht, called AVO J-Rock Festival! Five years later on 15 September 2019, another festival was organised under the name AVO J-Music Festival at an open-air theatre in The Hague.


AVO accepts press releases, interview requests, promotional materials for Japan-related events and appearances. Contact the person in charge of AVO, Francisca Hagen, through .

AVO’s motor is Francisca Hagen who started AVO in 2003 and has been the face of AVO ever since. But AVO has also a few Dutch, Belgian, English, American and even Japanese guest writers who like to write when they have a story for AVO Magazine, as well as photographers and translators and yearlong a partnership with Miyako Studio.

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avo_magazine
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AVOMagazine
Instagram: http://instagram.com/avocommunity

Hi, my name is Fran. Welcome to AVO Magazine!
Thank you for celebrating AVO's 15th anniversary at AVO J-Music Festival! The report and videos are online!

Please do not use text and photos made by AVO Magazine without permission. Please contact AVO Magazine if you have questions.

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